Clockwise from upper right: Lady Vansittart Camellia, Feathered Edge Sasanqua, Grace Albritton Camellia, Yuletide Season Sasanqua, Dream™ Weaver Sasanqua, Imbricata Camellia, October Magic© White Shi-Shi Gashira, Tiny Princess Camellia, October Magic© Crimson-N-Clover Sasanqua, Tammia Camellia

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We are excited about our newest 2019 Camellia and Sasanqua additions which include some of the latest and greatest additions to the October Magic© and Dream™ series of Sasanqua Camellias from the breeding work of Bobby Green and Green Nurseries! Starting from the upper right are: Lady Vansittart Camellia, Feathered Edge Sasanqua, Grace Albritton Camellia, Yuletide Season Sasanqua, Dream™ Weaver Sasanqua, Imbricata Camellia, October Magic© White Shi-Shi Gashira, Tiny Princess Camellia, October Magic© Crimson-N-Clover Sasanqua, Tammia Camellia.

Lady Vansittart Camellia: The variably colored medium sized semi-double flowers of this beauty are composed of wavy petals that can range from near white to blush pink with medium pink toward the center and seemingly random splashes, flecks, and stripes of bright red, or no red at all, that surround a boss of yellow stamens. Lady Vansittart Japonica Camellia is another well loved heirloom cultivar with a slow to medium growth rate. Flowers mid to late season.

Feathered Edge Sasanqua: The wavy, 3-4" wide flowers of Feathered Edge Sasanqua Camellia are white broadly edged with dark rosy red with feathery streaks radiating inward. The obviously Yume-like flowers have more petals per flower and can range from near peony form to semi-double and the plant flowers early in the season beginning in October and lasting into December.

Grace Albritton Camellia: The variably colored medium sized flowers of Grace Albritton Camellia can range from white to blush pink to near rosy red with heavy to almost no variegation which is typically most noticeable at the outer edges of the flowers. Each flower on the same plant can be different. This is a vigorous and highly adored older large flowered Japonica Camellia that flowers in mid to late season.

Yuletide Season Sasanqua: Large Christmas red semi-double blossoms are produced over an exceptionally long period outlasting the old standby Yuletide and producing flowers well after the New Year. Yuletide Season Sasanqua Camellia has a dense naturally rounded habit and develops into a 6'H x 6'W evergreen shrub.

Dream™ Weaver Sasanqua: An exceptionally vigorous and free flowering Sasanqua Camellia, Dream Weaver™ produces wave after wave of light blush pink to near white double flowers that darken to deep rosy pink at their base and retains a few yellow stamens. This Yume hybrid still retains some of the clefting on the ends of its petals like its parent. It begins flowering in October and continues well into December.

Imbricata Camellia: Deep carmine red, perfectly formed, medium sized flowers are produced in midseason on this old favorite heirloom Camellia. The perfectly arranged petals are sometimes striped with white. Imbricata Camellia is also known as: Imbricata Rubra, Prince Eugene Napoleon, Ladiner's Red, Pope Pius IX, and Rubra Plena. The many common names attest to the popularity of this 1820's introduction from China to England.

October Magic© White Shi-Shi Gashira Sasanqua: An excellent pure white, perfect or rose form flowered selection of the famed Shi-Shi Gashira Sasanqua Camellia, the October Magic© White Shi-Shi Gashira has the same growth habit and reliability as its sport parent. It produces pure white double flowers beginning in October with a show that can last well into December with flowers that absolutely shine against the deep green medium textured foliage.October Magic© White Shi-Shi Gashira Sasanqua Camellia makes an excellent and adaptable compact evergreen shrub with a tidy 4' x 4' habit that makes an easy and low maintenance addition to the garden and landscape.

Tiny Princess Camellia: Tiny Princess makes up for its lack of size with its profuse show of dainty pale pink, semi-double flowers in mid to late winter. The weight of the buds and blooms can make this somewhat open shrub with an upright habit appear to weep.

October Magic© Crimson-N-Clover Sasanqua: Large true crimson colored single flowers with a boss of starkly contrasting golden yellow stamens are produced over a long period beginning in fall and lasting well into winter. October Magic© Crimson 'N Clover Sasanqua Camellia is a medium to large evergreen shrub with a vigorous naturally upright habit and deep green medium textured foliage. Use this 'Bama crimson colored shrub as specimen, medium to large hedge, or screen.

Tammia Camellia: Perfectly formed white flowers whose outer petals are edged in light to dark pink to near red with streaks of lighter white to pink variegation. Tammia is a small flowered Camellia that flowers in mid to late season. It has an upright habit with dense bushy growth.

One of the top questions that we get is when is the best time to plant? Fall and winter are without a doubt the easiest time to establish reliably hardy perennials and woody trees, shrubs, and vines. The root systems of these plants, and many perennials are winter growing and spring/summer flowering, will continue to grow even though the above ground portion of the plant may appear to be totally dormant. Not only is it easier to establish these plants during this period but the cooler temperatures make gardening more enjoyable for the gardener.