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Heart Leaf Wax Flower, Porcelain Flower

Hoya kerrii

Vigorous succulent climber with large heart-shaped fleshy, smooth, dark-green leaves up to 3" long. From late spring to autumn, bears dense umbels up to 2 1/2 " across of 20, creamy white, star-shaped, waxy, scented flowers. Unusual and the perfect gift for that special someone who enjoys plants. Easy to grow in a sharply draining soil, in moderate shade or high indirect light.

Average Mature Size: 8'H

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 12,13,14,15

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Outdoor Light: Light shade

Indoor Light: High

Baby Tears Pilea

Rounded medium green tiny leaves adorn this low trailing indoor plant. Item # 312.

Price: US$6.99

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Bicolor Crown of Thorns
View Clusters of 1/2" peachy-pink blooms are edged in creamy white. As floriferous and easily grown as the common red Crown of Thorns. An unusual variety. Item# 319. Price: US$9.99

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Black Hoya
This extremely easy-to-care-for species has long green leaves with silver speckles, and large clusters of waxy, dark pink to purple, fragrant blooms. It can easily be made to climb or trail. Item # 460. Price: US$9.99

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Crested Good Luck Cactus
Could be called 'Brain' cactus due the effect created by the convoluted arrangement of the unusual green and cream variegated, flattened stems. A good choice where space is limited.  Item # 829. Price: US$11.99

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Tricolor Purple Heart Jew
The large, pointed, narrow oblong purplish leaves with bright pink splashes are born on the arching to upright stems. Bears small pink flowers in the summer. Item # 1103. Price: US$6.99

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Nectar Sources

Worley's Butter Cream Winter Cassia, Christmas Senna, Primrose Senna
Few plants can bring color to the fall garden like the Winter Cassia! Clusters of butterfly-like creamy yellow 1" blooms that are edged in white are born in October-November on this large arching tree-like shrub/perennial. A rare creamy-yellow colored selection developed by Patrick Worley. Item# 345. Price: US$9.99

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Ti-Ti, Leatherwood Tree
A native of Louisiana's wet soils, this tardily deciduous shrub produces 6" long drooping clusters of creamy-white flowers from May to June. The flowers are held against glossy dark green willow-like foliage. Glowing red, orange, and yellow fall color.  Item # 677 Price: US$12.99

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White Profusion Butterfly Bush
White, fragrant bloom spikes reaching 16", are held against the green, velvety foliage. Attracts scads of butterflies. Considered by many to be the best white butterfly bush. Item # 735. Price: US$9.99

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Lace-Leaf Vitex, Cut-Leaf Vitex
View Beautifully cut medium green deeply cut lacy foliage that is reminiscent of the delicately cut foliage of some Japanese Maples adorns this vigorous 'Chaste Tree'. 6-8" spikes of lavender-pink flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are borne in summer. The Lace-Leaf Vitex is considered by many to be the most hardy of the Chaste Trees.  Item# 787. Price: US$9.99

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Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea
View A vigorous and reliable Oakleaf Hydrangea selection with sturdy stems and good sun tolerance. The 10-14" white bloom panicles, with individual blooms as large as a half-dollar, are borne in spring and fade to pink. Item # 1181 Price: US$12.99

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