Ficus carica 'Dr. Monticello' fig

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Dr. Monticello's Fig

Ficus carica 'Dr. Monticello' fig

This is a large to very large purple fig with good flavor. An heirloom fig that was brought to the US from Italy via Dr. Sam Monticello's grandmother. The soon to be Mrs. Decarlo was a 16 years old bride and on her way to meet her new husband. She wrapped the cuttings in newspaper to get them here as she traveled to the new world aboard ship. Dr. Monticello, a Lake Charles Master Gardener and retired physician, says that they have been grown in this area from the time his grandmother arrived here as well as in Kansas where part of their family migrated to.

  Fig trees do best where they get at least 8 hours of direct sun per day. Once well established they are fairly drought tolerant but extended dry periods can cause leaf and fruit drop as well as early dormancy. A deep organic mulch will help to alleviate extremes in moisture levels, reduce nematode issues, as well as to reduce competition from weeds.

Average Mature Size: 10'H x 10'W

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 6,7,8,9

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Outdoor Light: Full sun, Part sun

pH Range: Mildly Acidic, Neutral

Soil & Moisture: Average moisture, good fertility, and good drainage.

Salt Tolerance: Moderate

Deer Resistance: Rarely Bothered

Native To / Origin: Italy - via the Decarlo family of Lake Charles, Louisiana

Please be advised that humans and/or animals may have allergic reactions if part(s) of this plant are consumed or by coming into contact with sap from bruised or broken plant parts: Sap - Skin & Eye Irritant

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