Rosa x fortuniana

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Fortuniana Rose

Rosa x fortuniana

Beautiful, fragrant, double white flowers, larger than Banksia Rose, are produced in spring on this almost thornless vining rose with dark green glossy foliage. Very care-free and spreads to 20 feet. Seldom ever exhibits any black spot problems.

Average Mature Size: 20'L

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 7,8,9,10,11

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Outdoor Light: Full sun, Part sun

pH Range: Slightly Acidic, Neutral

Deer Resistance: Frequently Damaged

Old Blush Rose
A very free blooming old garden rose which requires little care for the great rewards of color it provides. It can be grown as a hedge or as a specimen or foundation plant in the back of perennial garden. I can t say enough about the toughness and free-flowering qualities. Item # 530. Price: US$9.99

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Ogon Sedum
This colorful sedum creates a dense mat of tiny golden succulent foliage. It does great in containers and is especially beautiful used as a groundcover under a potted tree standard, or between rocks or stepping stones. Item# 704. Price: US$6.99

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Belinda's Dream Rose
2015 American Rose Society Gulf District Rose of the Year! Very large rich pink, strongly fragrant to lightly fragrant fully double roses emerge from large perfectly shaped buds. Flowers are borne in profusion on this easy care, disease resistant shrub rose. Belinda's Dream rose has been selected as a 2011 Louisiana Super Plant for its superior garden performance as well as an Earthkind rose.  Item# 9109. Price: US$9.99

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Carefree Beauty or Katy Road Pink Rose

Large, lightly fragrant, double, rich pink flowers, which lighten with age and with a boss of yellow stamens, are borne in profusion on this truly carefree rose. A very floriferous and disease resistant rose, one of our favorites and also selected as an Earthkind rose. Item# 9127.

Price: US$9.99

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Tuscan Blue Spires Rosemary

Tuscan Blue Rosemary is known for the profusion of deep blue flowers that are produced on and off throughout the year with the heaviest flowering in mid-spring and they attract bees and other small pollinators. The highly fragrant, deep blue-green evergreen foliage makes this a great choice for the culinary garden and the kitchen. Tuscan Blue Rosemary has an upright to spreading habit that makes it an easy choice for topiary forms and tree standards. Rosemary is an excellent choice for containers or in any well drained, sunny garden. The stripped straight branches of Tuscan Blue Rosemary make great shish-kabob skewers. Item# 9673.

Price: US$7.99

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Nectar Sources

Worley's Butter Cream Winter Cassia, Christmas Senna, Primrose Senna
View Few plants can bring color to the fall garden like the Winter Cassia! Clusters of butterfly-like creamy yellow 1" blooms that are edged in white are born in October-November on this large arching tree-like shrub/perennial. A rare creamy-yellow colored selection developed by Patrick Worley. Item# 345. Price: US$9.99

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White Profusion Butterfly Bush
White, fragrant bloom spikes reaching 16", are held against the green, velvety foliage. Attracts scads of butterflies. Considered by many to be the best white butterfly bush. Item # 735. Price: US$9.99

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Silver Spires White Vitex, Chaste Tree

An unusually pure white selection of Vitex. Silver Spires produces medium sized spikes of white flowers that are held against the dark blue-green fragrant foliage. Vitex is a vigorous, disease and deer resistant, drought and salt tolerant large spreading to upright deciduous shrub or small tree. Excellent for Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds. Silver Spires was the top rated white flowered Vitex in trials at Longwood Gardens. Item# 739.

Price: US$14.99

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Lace-Leaf Vitex, Cut-Leaf Vitex
View Beautifully cut medium green deeply cut lacy foliage that is reminiscent of the delicately cut foliage of some Japanese Maples adorns this vigorous 'Chaste Tree'. 6-8" spikes of lavender-pink flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are borne in summer. The Lace-Leaf Vitex is considered by many to be the most hardy of the Chaste Trees.  Item# 787. Price: US$9.99

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Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea
View A vigorous and reliable Oakleaf Hydrangea selection with sturdy stems and good sun tolerance. The 10-14" white bloom panicles, with individual blooms as large as a half-dollar, are borne in spring and fade to pink. Item # 1181 Price: US$12.99

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