Neomarica longifolia

Yellow Walking Iris Neomarica longifolia

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Yellow Walking Iris

Neomarica longifolia

Yellow iris-like 2" blooms with brown markings are borne on tall stems practically all year, where protected from frost. Upright sword-like foliage of medium green grows to 30". Produces young plants on spent bloom stems and at the ends of mature foliage.

Average Mature Size: 30''H x 18-24''W

USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 9B,10,(9? with protection)

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Outdoor Light: Part shade, Light shade

Indoor Light: High

Native To / Origin: Americas-C,S

Candy Lily
Small Iris-like foliage is topped with spikes of 2" blooms in a variety of pastel shades ranging from orange to pink are produced from July-frost. Heat and drought tolerant. Item # 349. Price: US$8.99

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Orange Chinese Hat Plant, Cup and Saucer Plant, Parasol Flower
View Clusters of orange, 1", Chinese Hats are produced from summer to autumn along the arching stems of this unusual shrub. An excellent late summer and fall flowering shrub-like to die-back perennial for a sunny location. Easy and begins flowering just in time for the Hummingbird migration southward. Provide a deep winter mulch in the northern portions of its range. Item# 358.
Price: US$9.99

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Indian Pinks, Pink Root, Worm Grass
An uncommon, but beautiful native perennial, producing upward facing coral-red tubular buds that open to show off the star-like flowers with a creamy yellow to greenish yellow throat. The unusual flowers are produced in large clusters and are born from spring to summer. An easy and reliable, clump forming native that slowly develops into a mass of sturdy stems with nearly every one topped by a beautiful inflorescence. Winter dormant. Item# 467. Price: US$7.99

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Pink Rainlily, Argentine Rainlily, Brazilian Copper Lily, Pink Fairy Lily
2-1/2" wide, miniature Amaryllis-like flowers are white heavily blushed with pink toward the ends of the recurving petals. A wonderful and easy bulbous perennial, the Pink Rainlily or Brazilian Copper Lily flowers on and off from mid spring to fall and the flowers are held well-above the narrow, strap-like foliage. Item# 783.

Price: US$7.99

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White Butterfly Iris, African Iris, Fortnight Lily, Fortnight Iris
This is largest flowering of the Butterfly Irises producing up to 4" wide perfectly formed, white iris blossoms with showy yellow-orange and brown nectar guides that are topped by a trio of purple style branches and are borne on tall spikes from spring to fall. Beautiful dark green fans of sword shaped foliage. Plant in mass or use this durable Iris as a formal specimen plant in the ground or as an easy and reliable container plant where not hardy. Quite tolerant of poor soils and is moderately drought resistant once well-established. Item# 3132. Price: US$7.99

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Nectar Sources

Worley's Butter Cream Winter Cassia, Christmas Senna, Primrose Senna
View Few plants can bring color to the fall garden like the Winter Cassia! Clusters of butterfly-like creamy yellow 1" blooms that are edged in white are born in October-November on this large arching tree-like shrub/perennial. A rare creamy-yellow colored selection developed by Patrick Worley. Item# 345. Price: US$9.99

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White Profusion Butterfly Bush
White, fragrant bloom spikes reaching 16", are held against the green, velvety foliage. Attracts scads of butterflies. Considered by many to be the best white butterfly bush. Item # 735. Price: US$9.99

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Silver Spires White Vitex, Chaste Tree

An unusually pure white selection of Vitex. Silver Spires produces medium sized spikes of white flowers that are held against the dark blue-green fragrant foliage. Vitex is a vigorous, disease and deer resistant, drought and salt tolerant large spreading to upright deciduous shrub or small tree. Excellent for Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds. Silver Spires was the top rated white flowered Vitex in trials at Longwood Gardens. Item# 739.

Price: US$14.99

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Lace-Leaf Vitex, Cut-Leaf Vitex
View Beautifully cut medium green deeply cut lacy foliage that is reminiscent of the delicately cut foliage of some Japanese Maples adorns this vigorous 'Chaste Tree'. 6-8" spikes of lavender-pink flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are borne in summer. The Lace-Leaf Vitex is considered by many to be the most hardy of the Chaste Trees.  Item# 787. Price: US$9.99

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Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea
View A vigorous and reliable Oakleaf Hydrangea selection with sturdy stems and good sun tolerance. The 10-14" white bloom panicles, with individual blooms as large as a half-dollar, are borne in spring and fade to pink. Item # 1181 Price: US$12.99

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